Nakem, various meanings


nakem (1) 1. a critical consciousness 2. a moral standard among Ilokanos 3. the test of someone’s human worth 4. the measure of one’s person 5. the core of one’s being 5. cf.  agnakem, manakem, nanakem, pagnakman, nanakman, kinanakem, aginnanakem, panagnakem, makinnakem, inanakem, pagnakeman, makinnakem, nanakman, manaknam, kananakem, pagnaknakman, pagnaknakeman, pakinakem, kinanakman, pakinakmen, agpakpakinakem, nakeman, nakman, inakeman, inakman, painakman, agpainakman, panagpainakman, nainnakman, kinainnakman  

nakem (2) 1. wisdom 2. knowledge 3. sagacity 4. mental acuity 5. intelligence 6. sagaciousness 7. braininess 8. sapience 9. perspicacity 10. sound judgment 12. reasoning 13. syn. adal, alibtak, aliwatek, ammo, isip, utek, salawitwit, saldet, saliwetwet, saliwitwit, sanut, sansanut, saririt, sarut, sirib, tarem, tuod

nakem (3) 1. free will 2. will 3. determination 4. a divine will 5. a divine plan

nakem (4) 1. an idea 2. a thought 3. a reflection 4. an opinion 5. a point of view 6. a belief

nakem (5) 1. prudence 2. the quality of having a sound judgement 3. the quality of having discretion 4. the quality of being reasonable 5. the quality of having maturity in evaluating things 6. the quality of having discretion 7. cf. nanakem, addaan-nakem, nanakman 


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