Save America, Pray to the Virgin Mary


Something curious is happening in Waipahu, the district in the city and county of Honolulu that is markedly Ilokano. 

Well, they say ‘Filipino.’ 

But that is, of course, historical. 

In the past when no other ethnic group aside from the Ilokanos and a few Visayans toiled the pineapple and sugarcane lands, to be a Filipino is to be an Ilokano, and vice versa. 


At noontime today, when I was about to do my jogging around Honowai, I saw several ladies putting up a banner on the chain-link fence of a house. 


I read the banner, and it said: ‘Save America by praying to the Virgin Mary. 


The house where that announcement was displayed was reportedly a house-or-room for rent; it is owned by a couple from one of the Ilocos Norte times, and have, during their Las Vegas trip, hit the jackpot, for which reason they have able to convert their home into a multiple dwelling place. The rent was, I was told, and it is gold from an outsider’s view.


And so at 12 NN, the old ladies converged, and on that triangular pavement, and started to pray the rosary.


Hon, HI/ 11 R,  Oct 11, 2013 


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