I am part of the Ilokano mass.  No, not in the Ilocos but over here, in these islands that saw Ilokano hands coaxing Hawaii earth in the past so those sugarcane plantation owners and pineapple companies would be able to take back their investment and more. 


Like their ownership of most of the means of economic production in these islands until now. 


To the swap meet I went this morning. First at the Sears, reportedly having its inaugural opening today. With the missus on the lookout for anything less expensive in these islands of tourist economy, we live the life of pay-check-to-paycheck people, with the cost of living second to that of New York City, but not enough possibilities to earn more except to take part in those multilevel marketing gimmicks about acai and other probiotic products. 


We got to the Sears, and we found out: the prices are more expensive than those at other open markets. 


So we head back to the other one that took us about 30 minutes to get in, and about the same time to get out. So this is how to spend your Saturday looking for something cheaper in these islands of expensive living. 


But I got my birchtree flowes (that is alukon for you), my nakayasan marunggay fruit, my peeled lima beans, and katuday. 


Enough of the expensive life. I have to cook. 


Hon, HI/17 Aug 2013



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