Kallautang-Mario Abinsay Albalos


Nota Bene: 

Excerpted from the book, “Kallautang–Poetics of Diversity, Displacement, and Diaspora: Ilokanos in the Americas Writing”, (TMI Global Press, 2009). Published through a grant from the University of Hawaii SEED, and in collaboration with the UHM Ilokano Language and Literature Program. Edited, translated, and with a critical introduction by Aurelio Solver Agcaoili.

Ikkis ti Maysa a Revolusionario


Mario A. Albalos


Saan nga agsangit ti sisusugat a konsensia

Ta ituloyko ti agikkis kadagiti kalsada

Ket saanko a kaamak ti kanta dagiti kanalbuong

Ta alun-onen laeng ti bin-i ti asug ken saibbek

A nakabunubon iti umap-apuy a barukong.


Maulit-ulit a bumangonak—

Ta ti bumegbenggang a gemgemko

Idanogko kadagiti buaya ken didiosen.


Ti ut-ot ti naukritan a lasag

Saan a maep-ep ti sileng

Ken gargari ti papel de banko

Kumarkaro ketdi ti saemna

Iti pannangan dagiti alinta iti tapok.


Ti lua iti lumablabbaga a matak

Agbalinda a bala

Dagiti umap-apuy a rikna,

Ket ti puraw a dara

Nga agtaud iti agruprupsa a bangabanga

Agtalinaedda a ganagan ken taraon

Ti natikagan a hardin

Tapno agtubo dagiti nasalun-at a bin-i

A mangituloyto

A mangduprak iti nangato a pader.




Cry of a Revolutionary


Mario A. Albalos


The wounded conscience does not shed a tear

In the streets I will continue to cry out

And I am not going to be afraid of gunfires

As these will only be swallowed up

By the seed of pain and sobbing

Sown on the chest on fire.


Repeatedly I rise up—

My fist with ember

I will use to hit the greedy men and godlings.


The pain of flesh opened

Is not relieved by the glitter

And enchantment of bank bills

Instead the throbbing pain goes stonger

In the partaking of leeches of dust.


The tear of my reddening eye

They become bullets

And the blazing emotion

Is the white of blood

That comes from the decaying skull

They remain fertilizer and food

For the dried up garden

So the good seed would grow

And would continue to grow

To get past the high wall.


Ti Maika-75 nga Aniversario dagiti Filipino


(Sagut Kadagiti 15 a Filipino a nagdappat idi 1906)


Mario A. Albalos


Iti rikna ken kararua dagiti kayumanggi

Agallungogan pay laeng ti ungor

Ti SS DORIC iti Honolulu pier.


Sangapulo ket lima nga anniniwan

A nangbaddek iti nalabaga a daga

Dapandapanda iti sanguanan dagiti amo

Ket matimud pay laeng iti pusoda

Ti pulikkaaw dagiti didiosen.


Maliplipit ti saning-i ken panagibtur

Dagiti agkulkulmeg a kararua

Iti puseg ti kapiniaan ken kaunasan;

Ngem in-inut a naakas dagiti lua

Iti panagsangpet dagiti adda durina

Nangsangga iti allilaw ken diskriminasion

Pinagramutda ti timek ken adal

Sumagpatdan iti pedestal

Bulon ti pamespes a ling-et ken dara

Iti baet dagiti karit ken pagel

Iti pitopulo ket lima a tawen.


Namaliwen ti pakarukodandan

Timpuaren ti bagnosda a bituen

A maipatas iti amin a puli

Kadagiti pumanaw ken umau a siglo.



The 75th Anniversary of the Filipino


(For the 15 Filipinos who came in 1906)


Mario A. Albalos


On the feeling and soul of the brown men

The roar of the SS DORIC

On Honolulu pier keeps on.


Fifteen shadows

Set foot on the red earth

Barefooted before the bosses

And in their hearts we still hear

The lordly shouts of godlings.


The sobbing and the sacrifice

Had to be hidden on the chest

And the soul cowered in fear

In the navel of pineapple and sugarcane fields;

But slowly the tears dried up

With the arrival of those who knew how to fight

Those who resisted against lies and discrimination

They let the voice and learning took root

And on the pedestal they have come into

That went with the squeezing of sweat and blood

In the face of challenges and obstacles

For seventy-five years.



The standards have changed

And their guiding star have come upon the sky

Making them equal with all the races

In the centuries that pass by and come.


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