You are invited to watch the public television show

(Appreciating Ilokano Culture, Feature 2)

on Olelo Channel 53

TALKBACK WITH DR AGCAOILI features a programming that is sound and sensitive to issues about diversity and about Philippine heritage in and outside the Philippines. It also features special programming on advocacy work and on the culture that is linked to that advocacy work, especially the culture that affects the everyday life of the peoples of the Philippines and other immigrants in the State of Hawai`i.

A special feature, Talkback with Dr Agcaoili, with guests Krystel Coloma and Rod Antalan, both students taking up courses in Ilokano at the University of Hawaii, will be aired on:

Olelo, channel 53

December 4, 2007, Tue, 3PM
December 10, 2007, Mon, 5:30PM
December 20, 2007, Thu, 6:00PM
December 25, 2007, Tue, 10:30PM

Dr. Aurelio S. Agcaoili, host and producer

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